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Best Product!

This is really best product i have ever seen! Thank you!

Great Product!

The water tastes great!

Our new daily bottle

Smart bottle is very nice, easy to clean. Very stable

Sooo Clear!

I ordered in bulk for my project and requested to have them plain without print. They're gorgeous!

Lightweight and Stylish

My teenager is so picky with her stuff and I'm so glad that she liked what I got for her! I'm happy she uses it all the time!

My Kids love them

I've been looking for a reusable bottle for a while now that is lightweight because my kids just won't carry them. Finally found my perfect bottle!

I love them!

Works exactly as advertised. I used them as party favours and my guests loved them!

I absolutely love my Smartbottle!

the clarity, neck size, feel, dishwasher safe cleaning, hot and cold uses, modern and stylish look! No more lugging cases of bottled water home from the supermarket and filling the recycle bin with empties for me! And since I started using my Smartbottle I’ve upped my water consumption from about 250 mL to 1000+ mL per day. Amazing!!