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Smartbottleā„¢ Sports Mini (250ml) 3-Pack

Smartbottleā„¢ Sports Mini (250ml) 3-Pack

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Little hands love Smartbottleā„¢Ā Minis (250ml), and so do Parents!

With BPA-FREEĀ Smartbottleā„¢, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are drinking from a safe bottle. They can also decide how best to hydrate their children and save money at the same time.

Parents, fill your childā€™sĀ Smartbottleā„¢ with water juice or diluted juice from a less expensive larger container. At the end of the day washĀ Smartbottleā„¢ with hot water or in the dishwasher. Your childā€™sĀ Smartbottleā„¢ is ready to be refilled and reused, again and again.

Smartbottleā„¢ Minis are a perfect fit for your childā€™s lunch box or back pack.

Smartbottleā„¢ is the safe, convenient and economical choice for kids and their parents!

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Smartbottleā„¢ Key Features


Can be sterilized with boiling water

Dishwasher Safe

Can be put in the dishwasher hundreds of times per year.

Recommended Dishwasher Detergent: FinishĀ®

Shatter Resistant

Smartbottleā„¢ is resistant to breaking or cracking unlike metal or glass bottles.

Lies flat without rolling

Smartbottle lies flat and will never leave you.


No harmful toxins to leach into contents

Space Saver Stackable

Because of its square shape, Smartbottleā„¢ stacks 30% less space than a round bottle.

Microwave Oven Safe

Smartbottleā„¢ can be put in the microwave to sterilize or reheat soup, coffee, tea or anything else you want to reheat or sterilize.

Freezer Safe

Smartbottleā„¢ is safe to store in the freezer

Can be used for a baby bottle

Smartbottleā„¢ is manufactured from the same material currently used for baby bottles for over 25 years.


Smartbottleā„¢ is a wonderful example of applying ā€œreuseā€ as a sustainable environmental strategy, as it can be cleaned and reused countless times. It is not wasteful or harmful to the environment. If disposed, it can be recycled and reused in many industrial and commercial applications like car parts, shampoo bottles and food storage containers.

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Smartbottleā„¢ Facts

  • Why does Smartbottleā„¢ look like a disposable bottle?

    The fact that Smartbottleā„¢ looks like a disposable bottle makes it familiar and easy to use. Other reusable bottles are either made of polycarbonate, which is not BPA-free, or metal. Metal bottles can be difficult to adjust to and may not be as comfortable to use. Just remember--Smartbottleā„¢is REUSABLE and DO NOT throw it away!

  • Can Smartbottleā„¢ go in the recycle bin?

    Most municipalities accept #5 as in restaurant takout containers. There are many recycling applications for #5 (polypropylene).

  • Can Smartbottleā„¢ that is filled with water be left in the car?

    Disposable PET bottles filled with water should not be left in the car as there is a risk of acetaldehydes from the PET leaching into the water. This process is accelerated by the hot temperatures that would be in the car from the greenhouse effect of the glass windows. Smartbottleā„¢ is a polyolefin and is not part of the family of PET throwaway/single-use bottles and there are no acetaldehydes in the chemistry of polyolefin.

  • How does Smartbottleā„¢ compare to metal refillable bottles?

    Smartbottleā„¢ is clear and you can see what is inside the bottle at all times. Metal bottles are not clear.

    Smartbottleā„¢Ā does not impart a metallic taste which happens with metal bottles.

    Smartbottleā„¢ is a fraction of the weight and cost of a metal bottle.

  • How long will my Smartbottleā„¢ last?

    Our ongoing testing at over 400+ dishwashings of Smartbottleā„¢ is continuing. In our ongoing testing phase, we have users who have been using their bottles for over 3 years.

  • How often should Smartbottleā„¢ go in the dishwasher?

    Smartbottleā„¢is dishwasher safe and can be sanitized in the dishwasher as often as necessary.

  • Is Smartbottleā„¢ safe for children?

    Smartbottleā„¢ is BPA-free and is definitely safe for children. Smartbottleā„¢ has the same material used for baby bottles for over 25 years.

  • Is the cap on Smartbottleā„¢ dishwasher safe?

    Yes, it is dishwasher safe because it is made of the same material as Smartbottleā„¢, which is dishwasher safe.