Smartbottle WECARE program - Waste Elimination Rewards Everyone


Smartbottle™ is part of our WECARE Program. WECARE is an acronym for Waste Elimination & Cost Awareness Rewards Everyone


The first crystal-clear, reusable, lightweight, BPA-Free, FDA-Approved,  dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, cost-effective, water & beverage bottle. Learn more about Smartbottle™ below!

Kids having a party and holding their Smartbottle minis up high


Little kids love Smartbottle Minis (250ml), and so do Parents!

With BPA-FREE Smartbottle™, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are drinking from a safe bottle. They can also decide how best to hydrate their children and save money at the same time.

Parents, fill your child’s Smartbottle™ with water juice or diluted juice from a less expensive larger container. At the end of the day wash Smartbottle™ with hot water or in the dishwasher. Your child’s Smartbottle™ is ready to be refilled and reused, again and again.

Smartbottle™ Minis are a perfect fit for your child’s lunch box or back pack.

Smartbottle™ is the safe, convenient and economical choice for kids and their parents!

Group of friends on the lake enjoying their drink on Smartbottle


Meeting up with friends to hang out?

Be a great friend and bring along a Friend Smartpack for you and your pals. The Friend Smartpack contains three 500ml size Smartbottle™ for you to share with your buddies.

You and your friends can fill your Smartbottle™ with tap water, bottled water from larger containers, or 5 gallon coolers, sports drinks or popular beverages. No more need to buy costly bottled water or soft drinks when you hang out. At the end of the day wash your Smartbottle™ with hot water or pop it in the dishwasher. Your Smartbottle™ will be good to go for another meet-up with your pals.

Smartbottle™ a smart way to save money and be a great friend to your buddies and the planet.

2 Mature Cyclists holding their Smartbottle


Whether you are rock climbing, power walking or going for your morning jog, Smartbottle will help replenish your fluids as you go.

Fill your Smartbottle™ with tap water or a sports drink. Experts recommend that you consume fluids before, during and after your workout, especially when exercising in hot, humid weather.

After your workout, give your Smartbottle™ a good cleaning with hot water, or put it in the dishwasher. Once cleaned, your Smartbottle™ is ready to be refilled for your next workout. Staying hydrated while keeping fit is now easier than ever!

2 employees holding their Smartbottle in the office


On the way to and from work, on the job or in a meeting, Smartbottle goes where you go.

The attractive, square-shaped 750ml Smartbottle™ is ideal for your briefcase, purse, lunch box or backpack, and lies flat without rolling.

Fill your Smartbottle™ with tap water, Smartbottle™ filtered tap water system or water from the cooler at work. No more need to buy sugary, costly soft drinks or bottled water when you get thirsty at work, thereby saving you hundreds of dollars per year that can be better spent on household or family expenses - or a special treat for yourself for using Smartbottle™ and being smart!

At the end of your workday, wash your Smartbottle™ with hot water or in the dishwasher.

Smartbottle™ is the most convenient and economical way to quench your thirst at work - a smart choice for you and your bottom line.